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Drinking Games

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Match Grab

Added by StudentUnion on 11-Dec-2005

You need some matches or cocktail sticks for this game. It works well for anyone over 5 years old, and can be a kids party game or a drinking game.

The matches should be burnt first if you are playing with children so they don't run any risks.

Tip the matches onto a table. Players take it in turns to pick up between 1 and 10 matches until all the matches are gone. The player who picks up the last match is the loser!

Pub Golf

Added by StudentUnion on 11-Dec-2005

When doing a pub crawl, give everyone a scoring card like you use in golf. Whenever you go into a new pub you start scoring.

- if you order a pint you score a par
- if you order a pint plus a short you score a birdie
- if you order a pint plus 2 shorts you score an eagle and so on.

When entering the last pub of the evening, whoever is in the lead must order the record amount of drinks ordered in any pub by any player during the evening.

The overall winner collects ?1 from every player to go and buy a takeaway of his choice.

One Up One Down

Added by StudentUnion on 11-Dec-2005

This game will definitely get newbies drunk within an hour.

To play: Announce that you're going to play "One Up, One Down." Ask that anyone who knows how to play not reveal the rules of the game. Sit in a semblance of a circle.

There must be a lot of alcohol available.

Begin by saying, "I'll start." Then you say one of the following:

1."One up, one down;"
2."Two up;" or,
3."Two down,"

whatever the case may be.

The person next to you must give one of the three available responses (again, the appropriate responses are "One up, one down," "Two up," or "Two down"). You tell that person whether he or she has correctly answered or not. If it is an incorrect response, that person must drink.

You play until every person has figured out the hidden rule. Usually there is at least one person who needs it rather hammily played out for them until he or she gets it.

The rule is the position of the hands. If one hand is on the lap and the other hand holding up or touching your drink, then the response is "One up, one down." If both hands are down, then the response is "Two down." If both hands are up, then the response is "Two down."

Pretty fun, especially since people initially think there is a pattern to the answers, when it's actually random.

Stirring the Mush

Added by StudentUnion on 11-Dec-2005

You announce that you will be playing "Stirring the mush". Ask anyone who knows how to play not to share the rules.

You stand up, or sit down, or lie on your back, or stand on your head...whatever position you want.

You instruct, "Do what I do," then chant, "I am stirring the mush, I am stirring the mush, I am stirring the mush," while enacting stirring mush however you want (lazily, with hip action, with both arms, or a little finger, or your toe, upside down, with eyes crossed, whatever).

The next person will probably say, "I am stirring the mush" 3 times while copying your moves. The answer is a loud "NO, that's not right" by those who have figured out the rule. If a person is wrong, he or she has to drink.

It gets confusing, because someone can lazily say the right thing three times while just sticking out a finger and stirring the mush three times, while the next person can stand on his or her head and rotate his or her hips while saying the same thing, and both people can be right.

The hidden rule is you have to say "DO WHAT I DO" before stirring the mush.

Takes a while for newbies. Fun, but a bit long...it actually takes a long time for people to figure out the hidden rule.

Drink While You Think

Added by StudentUnion on 11-Dec-2005

Everyone charges their glasses. Someone is nominated to lead.

The leader shouts out a famous name. The person to his right follows with a First Name starting with the first letter of the previous famous person's Surname.

So, going round the table :

"Michael Jackson" could be followed by
"John Lennon" then
"Lionel Richie" then
"Sir Ralph Halpern" etc.

If the first name and last name start with the same letter the flow of play is reversed, so:

"Margaret Thatcher" could be followed by
"Tom Thumb" which would then pass the next go back to the person who said Margaret Thatcher.

Two final rules, you must take a long drink whilst you are thinking - don't stop until you have a new name. People who take a long time to get an answer will come up spluttering, and inevitably will get worse and worse as the drink takes effect. By the way, no names can be repeated.

Additional complications to add in are:

- Any name with "the" in the middle e.g. "Rupert the Bear" incurs a forfeit for the previous player.
- Any name which is a single word like "Prince", "Madonna" also incurs a forfeit for the previous player.

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