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Other Funds Available

Hardship Funds
If you are struggling to survive on the student loan you have been given, you can apply for a hardship fund though your University. It is a fund from the government to give to Universities to help students who may be struggling to deal with their financial situation.

Most full-time and part-time students are eligible to apply for these funds but they do have conditions attached. The amount that can be awarded is small and is no more than ?500. This has to be paid back as if it were a loan.

Access Funds
Like Hardship Funds, Access Funds were created by the government to help out students in financial need. How much and who gets access to access funds varies at each college and University. Students must meet the same conditions of a student loan and be in an undergraduate or postgraduate course. You must be able to prove your financial difficulties. Contact your student services office for more info.

Bursaries and Scholarships
Bursaries are offered by companies to students from disadvantaged backgrounds, while sponsorships are given by companies to students for their high academic achievements. There are often many different types of bursaries and scholarships available within each course, so if you're planning on working hard and achieving high grades, it may be beneficial to see if you qualify and then apply. Check with your course office to see what prizes are awarded each year.

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