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Fresher's Checklist For University

When going to University you will want to pack your whole life to take with you. A word of advice - your room is most likely not going to be very big so every bit of space will be precious to you!

We have drawn up a checklist that every fresher needs to begin student life.

TV (and licence)
Extension lead - Handy when you have found the perfect TV location but there is no power socket close enough.
Computer - To at least make your parents think your going to study hard!
Lamp - Changes the lighting and mood of your room, effective for particular situations!
Cutlery and tin opener
Mugs and plates
Corkscrew/Bottle opener - Essential for a having a few cheeky drinks before going to the student union bar!
Candles/ matches - For when the electricity runs out!
Food - Take survivial food to begin with like tins and packets. With the new and busy social life in Freshers week, there will be no time to prepare and cook fresh food!
Mobile phone and charger - Essential part of your social life!
Coat hangers.
Clothes line.
Clothes horse - For those who can't iron, a good alternative. Hang clothes to dry carefully avoiding creases.
Travel iron - Very handy if you hate wearing creased clothes.
A box with all your important official paperwork.
Dictionary - Learn a few long words and use them when on the phone to your parents, this will really make them think University is helping you!
Address book - University is the time to build it, never a better time to start so you can stay in touch with all your mates even after you have graduated.
Light reading - Looks nice on the shelf and also makes you look a little sophisticated.
Camera - There will be guarenteed moments that you will want to capture and remember!
Blu tac/drawing pins - Decorate your room with posters to make it feel more comforting.
Shower gel - Soap is not good with communal living!
Bog rolls
Tissues - Handy for many different purposes!
Memorabilia from home - Photos make your time away from home a little more comforting.
?5 worth of 20p coins - You will have a shortage of 20p coins when you need to get your laundry cleaned!
Toothbrush - Clean teeth and a clean breath is always nice when meeting new people!

Wardrobe space is often very limited so pack your clothes with some sort of purpose. Warm clothes when your electricity gets cut off, a waterproof to protect you from the torrential weather, summer clothes for hot days and your glad rags for when you hit the tiles!

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