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Top 10 Cash Saving Tips

Like many students managing your money can become quite difficult with lots of expenditure especially with not as much income. Here are some tips to help you save some money.

1. If you are going out on the lash, meet up round someone's house beforehand for a few cheeky drinks. If you do most your drinking there it will make your night much cheaper.

2. Don't buy condoms when you can get them free from the local family planning centre and University health centre.

3. Tutors will recommend you buy all the text books and you will then realise you have wasted a lot of money when you never opened the cover. If you need to buy a book, you can buy it cheap on the internet or even borrow from the University library. Closer to coursework deadline week the demand for books will be high and not enough copies will be available, it is annoying when you have to return them on the due date before you are finished and its on request so you can not renew it. The best thing to do is, keep it overdue and pay the fine. This is still cheaper than buying the book and you won't be stuck with a book your never read again.

4. Everywhere you go, always ask for student discount ? anywhere! Discount is rarely volunteered.

5. Get on the cider. Its cheap. Its strong. Nuff said.

6. When popping round to see your mates, why not conveniently time it as they are just about to eat.

7. 10% off something you didn't want may seem a good deal but really you have just wasted 90%.

8. Don't go shopping when you are hungry ? you will end up buying more food than you would do usually. 9. Get a young person railcard. You will save loads of cash, especially if go to University away from home.

10. Share a house with poor students, or your housemates will want to pay for luxuries like heating.
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