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Writers Needed

Do you think you are hip? Do you think you are a trend setter and know what the next best thing is going to be? Are you a cultured, social, open-minded person? We are looking for students and writers to help maintain the articles in the resources area of the site. Do you want to write and have your work displayed on a nationwide platform for like-minded students to see?

You don't need to be technophobe or a geek, you just need to have a little spare time and access to a computer with Internet access. Some basic computer knowledge will be required, but all you really need to know is how to cut and paste, something you should be familiar with.

You will be responsible for submitting articles to the website each week. Each member of the team will have their specialist areas to maintain. If there any problems, our admin team are on call ready to help you out!

It's a cool way to meet people and have fun, it looks good on your CV if you are looking to expand your portfolio (volunteering is a slick way to gain brownie points with potential employers). If you would like to become involved with StudentUnion.co.uk, please register and contact us.


StudentUnion Team

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