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Let?s Have Some Individuality!

Trends and fashions come and go, but elegance and style is timeless ? what is often trendy is not stylish! However, a sense of individuality is very important ? as much as Trinny and Susannah do wonders in "What Not to Wear" they have a tendency to make "clones". They follow the basic style rules based on their "victims" personal shape, but there is no flair of creativity, nothing in the finished product that separates them out from everyone else.

The same with young people, they desperately want to be an individual and unique ? yet look exactly like all their friends! This may be a genuine like for the clothes, or wanting to fit in?but its so refreshing to see someone walk down the street with their own unique style, as it stands out; whether its to your personal taste or not, its got your attention!

So be daring, wear what you want, and be proud of your personal confidence in yourself ? don't let others put you down, its just because they are frightened you are thinking outside the box!

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