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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Its great being at University, away from home for the first time, no-one around to tell you what you can and can't do?it can make us all go a little wild! While we are busy getting to know new people, forming new relationships and having a good time ? no doubt with alcohol involved ? we tend to lower our inhibitions and take more risks.

But with STI's and unplanned pregnancies at an all time high and rising, its better to be safe than sorry ? it only takes one mistake to lead to a whole heap of consequences.

The safest way is using condoms, which for most can be off-putting, but is essential to reduce risks of STI's and pregnancy in one go; try to make a joke out of using one, making it fun reduces tension and ensures both of you are covered.

No other contraception covers both of these aspects for both of you ? and if someone refuses to have sex with one, ask yourself why?after all, no-one can ever be sure of their own sexual history due to other partners, it's all a position of trust so to speak!

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