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Promotions Staff

Looking for work? Tired and over-worked from your current part-time job? Need something fun and flexible around your studies?

Why not try promotions? Promotion work is fun, flexible and well-paid, and covers everything from hospitality at events, to giving away freebies, drinks promotions, competitions etc. Basically, any company that needs short-term staff to lift their brand image will employ promotions staff - you just need to be lively, outgoing, approachable and presentable.

When joining agencies they will ask your for your CV and photographs, this will cost you each time having extra copies printed and then sending them. PromotionsStaff.co.uk offers a service designed for people looking for to have their own website and at a great cheap price. The purpose of this website is to host your very own profile of details and photographs which you can use to send to promotion agencies. Once you have registered, you can simply send your very own website address for your very own website which they can then log on and look at, at anytime.

Prices start at ?17 a year and this small price to pay can be earnt back in less than 2 hours with a promotion job. You decide if it makes sense!

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