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He's in Fashion

During a second year project some of my fellow peers looked at solving the problem of male students being fashionable for cheap. In today's society women can buy garments ridiculously cheap from a range of retailers and still be fashionable. For men it's harder and they've only got Primark. Not all of their garments are the height of fashion for men though.

In a recent report students are mounting up to ?12,000 in debt. It's hardly surprising that students have to look to the cheaper end of the market for affordable fashion.

At the moment high street stores that have always catered for males include:

  • Burtons
  • BHS
  • Debenhams
  • French Connection
  • Gap
  • H&M
  • Next
  • River Island
  • Topman
  • Zara
  • USC

However, they aren't cheap. Prices range from ?60 to ?20 for a pair of jeans. With Burtons being the cheapest store it proves men don't have cheap fashion as readily available as us ladies do.

Obviously the Primark generation is proving popular with the girls but I've not known it be popular with men yet. Recently New Look and Monsoon have introduced menswear collections into their stores to aim at a different market. However, there are problems with this. Traditionally New Look and Monsoon catered for women and children so they have this feminine association. Men aren't going to feel comfortable going into these stores due to that. Currently it's probably men's wives and partners who will be buying menswear garments from these stores.

If you want to buy some individualistic pieces look towards vintage shops. You're dad may have worn the pieces originally but some of those classic pieces still look good and create that fashionable look. Another outlet for bargain fashion is charity shops. Items can be found ridiculously cheap. Sometimes you find items that are similar to pieces in Topman or Burtons but for a fraction of the price.

You can also get budget fashion by finding pieces on Ebay. This is quite modern and you can find pieces at a fraction of the price.

Another way of creating budget fashion is buy a cheap garment and customise it yourself. Someone at university customised their jeans by shooting bullets through them-a bit extreme but you get the idea. Other things you could do include fabric paint, slashing or cutting things up. This might not appeal to all males as it might seem a bit "girlie" to do but it's an idea.

Key items any male student should have are:

  • A good pair of jeans
  • Some basic t-shirts or long sleeved tops
  • Jumper or Hoodie-it gets cold in your accommodation
  • Shirts or T-shirts for going out on the town
  • A jacket-wear it for nights out in Winter
  • A Winter coat
  • Shoes for any occasion
  • Work wear-shirt and black trousers (unless you have a required uniform)
  • A suit for those interviews

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