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Travelling to Thailand

Thailand has become a Mecca for British backpackers. The beauty of the country is immense will a real sense of diversity. Bangkok, the capital, is a busy city full of regal palaces and a deep, highly interesting history. The smog that fills the air is the only negative in a city geared heavily towards the western backpacker.

The Kao San Road is probably the most famous backpacking road in the world with hostels, bars and shops selling everything you may ever need. When booking trips, head here as the competition is fierce leading to ridiculously cheap deals.

Whilst in Thailand, try and get to as many of the Islands as possible. Koh Tao, Koh Phang-an, Koh Phi-Phi and Koh Lanta are amongst the most peaceful and relaxed of the Islands. All have stunning beaches, great snorkelling and other activities. Koh Samui and Phuket are two places that should be avoided if you are looking to find the real Thailand. Koh Samui could be described as the Ibiza of the East and Phuket????horrendous! Phuket was once upon a time a beautiful area of Thailand and in some places it remains that way but developers have come in and have turned it into a place full of drugs, prostitution and crime. The beaches are not clean and fully expect to go swimming with poo. If you like watching western men paying for sex, whilst having ping pong balls fired at you from extremely talented Thai girls this is the place for you.

Thailand is a very cheap country and you could easily get by on ?10 a day including your accommodation, food and entertainment. If you can stretch to anymore amount of money you can have a very luxurious trip.

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